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Doctor Who/Torchwood Masterlist

All of my new fanfiction will be over at my writing journal, knightsfalling, and will no longer be posted here. Eventually, all of my fiction will be moved over but the original entries will stay here as well. No main masterlist of fics, however, will be kept here.

It's open friending at my writing journal so, if you care to follow it, be my guest. :)

Because I have two main divides in my fandoms, the Whoverse and, well, everything else, I've created a separate masterlist of fics just for this one alone. The other masterlist will be coming shortly.

Sorted neatly by Doctor/era, length, and with all important information included. The titles are the links to the fic if you needed any guidance. I obviously need to do some header cleaning on the fics, and the style to this page may change, but I'll try to keep everything as informative as possible.

Also, for clarification on how I define my fics:
Drabbles: 100 words only
Ficlets: 101 to 1,000 words
Fics: More than 1,000 words

Auto Disclaimer for All Fics: Everything here is owned by the BBC and all other creative authors that were involved in this show's production. I own nothing and gain no monetary profit from these fics. I write for the joy of it.

Important Links:

Teaspoon Account (Most of my Doctor Who/Torchwood fics)
Archive of Our Own Account (Non-Doctor Who)
Usually Outdated List of Plot Bunnies and WIPs

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[AQ]  Life is Disappointing

Stay Tuned....

...for an important update not so important update. It'll just an update. Really, all this is is filler for me to remember to post something and update. It's been too long since I have, something I normally say as an apology, and I find that updating gave me a lot of stability I seem to be missing these days (at least with class only being held once a week instead of twice).

So, yes, to those who care, I'm swearing, right now, that I will update this weekend. I'll take my nose out of Twitter, out of gaming, out of Stack Exchange, and do an honest-to-gods update.

Because I can. And I want to.

Also, HI!!!! :D

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[Comics] Maggie and Kate on Couch

"Wait...What did you call me?"

Two big things today.

First, this happened in Batwoman #17. Spoiler, and analysis, from Wired behind the link if you care about comics. I'm still not sure how to process it other than the idea that this has to be a good thing for comics in general. Marvel did have their day....

Second, holy crap PlayStation 4. Watched the entire two-hour long press conference instead of studying networking and it was completely worth it. I don't care that they didn't show the system or give a price point: it had games, games, games. And a few social features, which I couldn't care less about, but overall a great watch. New inFamous game? Yes please. And Bungie working with Sony? Oh yes yes please.

Other than that, I'm finally settled now that my status on having meds for sleep has been resolved. I also really need to cram the next few days before class. This week, with Monday off, completely put me off my game.

I'm also really obsessed with this song, Bloodstream by Stateless. 58 (or rather 70) listens in two days. Kinda love it.

Ok, time for bed and another glance through my comics on the iPad.

P.S. - Finally got the library's copy of Captive Audience by Susan Crawford. A book about how monopolies and huge companies are destroying the Internet infrastructure of the US and blocking access to high-speed connections for the majority of the country. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this one. Disclaimer: I'm such a geek.

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[TWW] CJ and Fishbowl

Geeking Out and I Hate Married Undercover Eps

I believe I have found the feeling of knowing what you're good at in life and following it. Weird feeling it is, almost something you want to fight against, and yet it's about as natural as breathing.

So, if you'll excuse me, I seriously need to geek-out here for a minute.

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TL;DR I love networking. Really, really, really love it. It gives me a damn decent high.

I've also marathoned my way through Season 1 of Lost Girl recently, while keeping up with Season 3 and, um, spoilers?

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Either way, Canada, with all your amazing shows this year, you are giving me enough character feels in-between my networking feels. Enough for a while. Ugh, feels.

Oh, and when the hell did fandom up and move to Tumblr and Twitter? I don't understand either and none of them make sense for fandom. I'm trying but I'm a tad lost in this world. Better learn it fast.

Well, tomorrow's Tuesday, I had a great three-day weekend, and the studying starts back up again in earnest. I might be working on the Presentation Layer, Layer 6, this week. That encodes the data...I think. Gods, I love this stuff and having an actual direction for my life is as refreshing as a first kiss or walking outside in 0 degree F weather and watching the snow wall heavily on a deserted street. Amazing.

As an aside, I'm totally avoiding some major issues in my life but taking some others on directly, like taking vitamins for my annoying PMS/PMDD and trying to eat healthier. Although all bets are off for the weekends as I down my Mountain Dew and have ice cream for lunch. And desert before bed. :)

P.S. - So, is something happening for Doctor Who regarding the Anniversary? I'm not very up-to-date with it at the moment.

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[TWW] The Ones We're Waiting For

So, Does This Thing Still Work?

*taps mic* Ahem, *cough* does this thing still work? Test test test.

Well, there's a bit of feedback here, a small loop but still there, so I'll assume it's working, that my brain is functioning, and, wait, what's going on? I'm posting after six months have passed? Must be something in the air or my new-found work ethic of not sleeping after work and actually doing something productive.

Or, as the case may possibly be, I missed doing this and, while reading everyone's posts from time to time being bored at work (or trying not to do any), I wanted to come back and say hello, with big hugs, to all I know here. The more I think about it, the more I wonder at how I could have possibly forgotten all of this for so very long! *hugs*

So, yes, anyway, trying to get back into the swing of things. My fandom tastes have slightly changed. I've realized I just don't have it in me to create a so-called Internet thick skin for fandom fights, or even political fights, as it only makes me want to bash my head into the monitor...or worse. I haven't watched Doctor Who in about a year, have been playing a lot of video games, and am slowly watching more and more Canadian shows. And anything that hints at gay characters because I'm slowly dying from the lack of ingenuity and diversity here. Female leads rock too but they're easier to find. Anyone watching Bomb Girls by chance? I love every character in that show and I download each new episode late Wednesday nights because America, the dumb thing, doesn't get this amazing Canadian show. Another Amazing Canada show is Continuum, airing on SyFy, with a lead female protagonist who I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to root for (I do anyway). There's still some weird staples, like Grey's Anatomy and Law and Order: SVU except those are mostly a place-holder for me to be excited for another day going by.

Finished entire series as well. The West Wing is done (minus the second run-through I'm casually playing). Children of Earth was another one I watched...and where I remembered how kick-ass Gwen had become. I still love it when she dual-wields while saving Jack. Also watched half of Battlestar Galactica in the span of a few weeks and still hold a torch for the movie Sucker Punch.

For video games, which I know many don't care about, I've earned 25 platinum trophies on my PlayStation account, finished around 30 games (wow!), and embraced my awesome inner-geek of mad skillz in Mass Effect MP (sorta). All within the past year. I also gained a PlayStation Vita, which is pretty and white. Finished all of the Sly Cooper games, finished two more of the Assassin's Creed games (the last one had a joke of an ending), ran through all the God of War games, and a few annoying sports games.

As for real life...I've made a lot of good and bad decisions. I'm hoping they equal out. I'm currently enrolled in my local community college for Networking Administration courses and am taking Cisco I, a class aimed at Cisco networking certifications, every Saturday morning. Basically, learning how a network of computers work and how to create one. My IT career, or what I hope will be my IT career, has just started and, when I have the energy, I'll write a bigger post on that subject alone. My hopes are to start a (very) separate WordPress blog where I chronicle my "adventures" through the world of IT, mainly to use as a way to impress future employers with how far I've come yet also as a way to track the progress I make everyday. And, yes, I do expect everyday progress. Whenever I get that up, I'll let you know so, if you care, you can follow my real life, boring progress of IT learning. I do plan to keep it extremely separate from this, and whatever fic I may write, so I don't get caught up in all that jazz. Personally, I don't think potential employers should be able to Google you yet now that's the world we live in. It isn't that I think my fandom activities are bad, it's more that I know they will be judged in a way I don't particularly want them to be.

I also wouldn't be able to tell them to "shove it."

The bad decisions are a bit debatable and are much more subjective. At least I haven't done anything absolutely horrible...I think. The only that's plaguing me is this enormous crush I have on a rather wonderful, outgoing, friendly, and very touchy-feely co-worker downstairs who lives up the street from me. We have a plan to take walks in to work three times a week and talk a lot more once I accepted a few things on my end. Oh, have I mentioned that they're engaged? Yeah...so not good.

Never fear though, I'm still an insomniatic anxious wreck of a woman who needs a haircut (I buzz it now, as low as it goes) that you knew. I'm not even going to pretend to play catch-up, although the most recent posts I can find may be commented on. Fair warning. ;)

I'm sorry that I've been gone so long but I knew you would all understand. I also figured that the ones who wouldn't weren't worth the time anyway. Some may look down, or not understand, how you can get to know some people so well through online interactions only, but I certainly do. It's nice to be home (which happens to now be Dreamwidth with cross-posting *shrug*).

Ok, enough of that. It's good to be back, I've missed you all, and if you'll excuse me, I have video game violence to enjoy (or defend, as the case may be).

Oh, and I'll be back.

P.S. - Comics are awesome too, particularly if you run the title Batwoman. <3

ETA: Ok, Dreamwidth is very, very different. This may take a bit to get used to. So many things to do and learn. Better start up that fourth processor in the cortex.

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[UC3] - Nate in Desert

Dragonborn or Arisen? Hard When So Many Dragons Are Around (aka The Vacation Post)

I'm honestly too tired to make heads or tails of anything I see beyond my computer screen -- which by itself is confusing with the dual-monitor setup I have -- but I wanted to update, and thank people, after my week-long vacation that turned straight into "Welcome back! NOW GET TO WORK" attitude today at work. I felt out of place, out of sorts, and completely at a loss for the going-ons with my co-workers. New co-worker is celebrating her anniversary? Wait! I learned last week she had a birthday and a boyfriend/partner she lived with...no, that was two weeks ago. Sigh.

Plus, going without sugar for the entire afternoon was just a bad idea that turned my afternoon into the slush-fest that is my current grey matter state. However, I am, apparently, able to still browse the PlayStation Network store before tomorrow's new dump of games. Heh.

So, before I idle any more, thank you to all the birthday wishes, gifts, and v-cards! They were all lovely and I enjoyed each one that came into my inbox that day. It certainly made my mostly private birthday that much less lonely and twice as wonderful. Thank you. My flist is an amazing group of people and I wouldn't trade you for anything. :)

Second, vacation was pretty good. I was off from 1630 on the 8th to this morning at 0800. It was wonderful and annoying in equal measure yet, all-in-all, I enjoyed myself. The first weekend up to my birthday on Tuesday was spent watching movies (X-Men was as ok as I thought it was the first time around; Thor gave a lot of background to The Avengers and made me even more confused regarding Loki; I enjoy the Hollywood Sherlock Holmes movies in a very different way than I enjoy the BBC series, with both having their merits; and Equilibrium is actually a pretty decent movie), playing video games (newest obsession: Dragon's Dogma. Getting your heart ripped out from your chest, which is in turn devoured by a dragon, only to have your character "Arise" the next morning? Yeah, awesome. :D), reading comic books (The Ultimates is a great Avengers universe two volume series that brought so much of the movie to me in my hands that is breath-taking. Some of those full-page spreads were absolutely amazing), and still using time to study up on my computer hardware certification exam. I've learned more about buses in the past week than I ever wanted to, particularly the expansion bus, the frontside bus, and the backside bus. Of course there's always the North- and Southbridges to consider and the motherboard, or the fact that every chapter I read I want to go back to the first series of Sherlock and rewrite any scenes of Sherlock saying that his brain was a hard drive. No, I'm still not over that and yes I will continue to complain. It helps me to remember which bus goes where and to which part of the computer. *shrug*

The actual going away part of my vacation was nice as well. I went to Ogunquit, Maine with my sister and mother for a long weekend. We stayed in a nice inn located a short walk from the ocean and, for the most part, got along. We did agree that family vacations are one of the things that can't happen much more in the future due to clashes in personality and work (my sister is a second-shift LNA), something that will make life easier in the future I'm sure. We had one real beach day -- where my sister got burnt rather humorously on her ass -- two shopping days (resulting in two pairs of Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply shorts so whenever I walk around in them I feel slightly conscious that I'm probably wearing my first real brand name piece of clothing...ever) , a play night (saw Always...Patsy Cline starring Sally Struthers; pretty awesome show regardless of the fact that I knew next-to-nothing about Patsy Cline), two spectacular lobster and steamers nights at a small lobster farm a short walk down Route 1, and a lot of just enjoying the simple things. Of course, at the time I wasn't enjoying those simple things except when I look back that's how I intend to view them.

Saw my dad for father's day, who wasn't looking too terrible, and finally got home with groceries in hand around 1600 on Sunday afternoon. Put everything away, dealt with a bug, mopped up my leaking fridge (again), and played Dragon's Dogma until bedtime. All-in-all, no complaints. I got the Boston Cream Pie Cake for my birthday, as I requested, and I had ample time to sink precious time into video games that I will never get back. There was also just the right amount of time off from work to appreciate what I had while still being able to get back into the swing of a routine when Monday came around. My first complete week off in the summer was a success.

Now, a quick mention of fandoms/shows I need to remember to watch this summer:

Sundays: Longmire (Katee Sackhoff, even with long hair, 'nuff said)
Mondays: Erm...I'm not sure right now.
Tuesday: Rizzoli & Isles.
Wednesday: So You Think You Can Dance. *happy sigh*
Thursday: Burn Notice
Friday: ...Video games?

Coming Soon: Political Animals (it's Sigourney Weaver, I must watch!) and maybe HBO's The Newsroom (Aaron Sorkin!!!) if I get around to switching from Showtime to HBO...or see if it's on iTunes.

Good splattering of shows, don't you think? In between all of that I still have older seasons of Burn Notice to watch, an X-Files run I was trying to work through, and of course a re-watch of The West Wing, damn fine show that it is. This will be a great summer, I can tell.

*looks at certification book* Oh yeah, next chapter is on Power Supplies. Gotta know my amps from watts and all of those rails. Yup.... *thinks of brighter, better future in IT industry four years from now* Right, to work.

P.S. - Oh yeah, and there was E3. That happened and I squeed like a little girl when I saw Assassin's Creed III, Assassin's Creed: Liberation (on Vita!), The Last of Us, Beyond, Watch Dogs, and God of War: Ascension. Yeah...love this time of year.

P.P.S. - Did I miss something important while I was off vacationing? I feel slightly out-of-touch all of a sudden. :(
[ME3] Shepard Sadness

Mass Effect 3: The Ending Part 1

Note: Because I wrote four frakking pages of this, not including the post I want to use to include the pretty screens I took (which may need to come at another time), I'm separating this into multiple posts. I seem to have many feelings on the issue. Understatement of the year.

I'm trying, rather desperately, to piece together my thoughts on the ending of Mass Effect 3. I'm torn, yet resolute, in how I feel in regards to it, to the end of trilogy, to an avatar that struck ever single cord I have inside of me, that I need to process all the information given. Unfortunately, I think I only have a quad-core processor for a brain so it's taken a while. Since finishing yesterday around 1440, I've been obsessively thinking about the two endings I witnessed, listening to the music, and shedding lots and lots of tears. I cried more in this past week and a half than I have in the last two years. I'm no crier but...this game. Really.

Ok, let's do this.

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[DW] Ten Against Wall [Doomsday]

The End

After two hours of compressing FRAPs videos of everything up to the final mission in Mass Effect 3 (side note: totally played until 3:30 in the morning, again, due to MP and severely underestimating the time the last two missions would take), I finished the game earlier this afternoon.

Then, for three more hours, I glared at my computer and probably spoke about six words, which came out along the lines of, "it's the same goddamn ending!" There is not enough cheesecake or chocolate in the world to fill this void. My only hope might be fanfic, and more MP, which is severely lacking. And more FRAPs video compression. I think I still have around 45 more files to compress, including to different endings.


...I'm also sure I will never play another video game in my life because I cannot process all these flipping emotions I have regarding the ending (which I have no idea how to process...Danger Will Robinson! Danger!). Bloody hell...Ok, six hours, but whatever.

The only thing that got me laughing again was IGN's Podcast Beyond (PS3) where they talk about Mass Effect 3. They also broke a lamp during the beginning of the podcast. Feeling slightly better but may need more cheesecake.